Sunday, April 10, 2011

David DiMuzio

 Peaceful Melody

David DiMuzio music is popular known as unique sense of melody, his voice is like capturing you in the bottom of your soul, peaceful and stressfree tune.

Basic profile : he is a world champion juggler, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Motivational Speaker his from Charlotte, NC, and currently on asia to north america tour. He is a vegetarian and he confess that he never owned a TV in his entire existence. whoa.. why? anyway, he got a great voice.

he write his own lyrics and arrange and produce all his own music. He also written songs with and recorded by a lot of talented Filipino artists such as Nyoy Volante, Mark Bautista, Top Suzara (Freestyle), Jayson Fernandez (Rivermaya), Geneva Cruz, Arnee Hidalgo.

During his stay at Boracay, Philippines

Sino nga ba sya by Sara G.

Wag na by Yeng C.

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Anonymous said...

his so cute... galing ng short rendition nia ung kay sara g