Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paris Hilton

Paparazzi's Queen Paris to Philippines

Last night bloggers all over the globe having a massive trouble with posting new topic on blogspot because of spinning timer doesnt seem to stop but anyway, it wont cease me to blog my favorite bitch ever Paris Hilton. Reportedly last night, one of the local paparazzi crashed her plan this month or so, surprisingly, she said : she is coming to the philippines for the launch project of "PARIS HILTON BEACH CLUB MANILA" the rumor has it! how cool is that, but they hope to invade boracay soon. This interviwed happen to manny pacquiao fight to mosley. She was also invited to the talk-about wedding of Mommy Champ Dionisia Pacquiao. Best wishes Mommy D.


sbrei said...

love her too.. im her bitch!! xxx

karl said...

she is a bitch but she is really nice person..

♥i♥am♥sam♥ said...

hi sexy!