Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Fash Statement GLAM OR NOT

The Fame lil monster mother is really a HOT queen!! just dont be a drag and just be queen GAGA!

Was a trouble pop, now just look at her, she is really back on track like, can u still hold it against me? -> was britney spear latest single, the song's cute, the body's hot, and the trademark hands move. and NOW she's really OUT!

okey? super sexy cristina a. turn to be a mother, but this picture?? no, this is not so her, i mean a fluffy?? but the dress looks good on her and mentioning the loubotin spike shoes and D&G belt, whats else C?

the timeless Sara jessica Parker, walking to school with her kid, she is always FAB! from sex and the city to being a mom, she still an icon for women fabulousity!! she still can foray fashion even walking a kid to school. more please jess!!!!

A badgirl LL turn now a GOODgirl LL, playing bowling with siblings, with her clean outdoor outfit!! keep it up LL!!! mugshot isnt really good at all..

Hey Angel!! where's charlie?? Drew B. well, wow! look at her.. she looks so thin in here.. she looks beautiful, but where have you been girl? stop directing. or make a nice movie again!!! we missed you girl, u know?!!

The olsen twins.. never fail their mixed and matched fashion sense!! love them both, they still rock... nice outfit M.K and u too ASH, still girly!!!

well, well, its nicole richie bitches!!! what can i say? super thin b**** turn to a mom, and voila! she looks stunning in here!!! love the black leather dress, whois your designer nicole? nice hair too... mentioning the shoes! u rock N!

well, what can i say?? its the gossip girls.. Blake, i like u better than leeton, but u look not so hot in here.. and u lil j?? u really a rock fashion icon, u dress better than avril lavigne i can say!!.. well, what else i can more say, xoxo gossip girl!!


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