Friday, March 18, 2011

about me

i am sam, 20 something, a self-claimed fashion chaser, back in high, i knew i love mix and match,  colors, styles and echoes of what i wear, since then i became a shopaholic, until i realize everythings owned was gone like a blink of an eye, i just put myself in nowhere and regrets at the same time, blame it on fashion, i was overwhelmed and carried away and had this thought in mind that i should have done this before, this blogging thing, since i knew FASHION IS MY TRUE LIFETIME PASSION. now im stuck inside the box like a genie, and afraid to take the chances because i feel so naked, no style, so here i start over again, blog what fashion i like most and make the most story out of it, and i know someday i will put my own fashion-story-line to every pages i will made, so, for now, please dont hate me if i will grab your style images, as for me, IT IS THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN.


sbrei said...

just do your thing.. and no worries..♥♥♥

♥i♥am♥sam♥ said...